Boot and run Linux from a USB flash Pen Drive

Written by Syahrizal

You can create the bootable USB Flash Pen Drive using newer Linux Live CD such as Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD and several other Linux OS. You also can buy bootable USB Flash Drive such as Mandriva Flash 2010 at their website. You can carry a portable Linux version with you on a USB Flash Pen Drive. Just set the BIOS to boot from USB Drive and plug in your bootable USB Drive. Restart your computer and wait until it boot using the USB Pen Drive.

Several computer don't support USB boot option but newer computer support it. You should get the USB Drive to work in your new computer.USB Linux installation enables you to install a Portable Linux operating system on a flash drive or USB key no larger than your thumb (Thumb Drive).

This portable Linux operating system can then be run from any computer that can boot from a flash device, allowing you to bring your operating system, desktop, applications, files, email, personal settings, favorites, games and more with you. It’s your own personal operating system you can carry in your pocket. On, we provide many simplified portable Linux flash drive installation tutorials. Making is easy for anyone to install, boot and run Linux portably from a flash pen drive!

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