Linux Sabily 2009 Review

Sabily is a free, open source operating system designed by and for Muslims. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution which is a free, efficient and secure operating system. Unlike Microsoft Windows and other proprietary systems, Linux is publicly open and extendible by contributors.

Sabily includes a set of packages that customizes the Ubuntu distro; Ubuntu is easy to use for a novice user, with the most-used Office, Internet, Graphics and Video applications already installed. With Sabily, Muslim users have “out of the box” Islamic software and tools installed as well. Sabily includes Islamic software (prayer times tool, Quran study tool, Hijri calendar etc.) and has a custom design. Sabily comes with out of the box educational software, codecs for the most used media formats and has better support for Arabic language.

Versions available

Sabily 9.04 is available as a Live DVD (so you can test it without installing anything on your computer), with 3 versions:
Small version (935 MB): contains the main Sabily packages (artwork, islamic applications) and Arabic support

Full version (1.4 GB): same as above plus multimedia, education and miscellaneous packages (see the full list here)

Full version with recitations (2.8 GB): same as above plus Quran recitations provided by Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi, Huzify, Sa’ad al-Ghamadi and Mishary Rashed Alafasy. Note: this version is useful if you are not connected to the Internet (all Sabily versions provide online recitations)

A CD (184 MB) containing the Sabily packages is also available if you want to convert a standard Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) installation to Sabily.

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