Choosing your Linux Operating System

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There are plenty of Linux Distros out there. When you want to migrate to Linux, you must first choose a Linux operating system that is suitable for you. If you are a new Linux user, then you should try to learn the basic of this operating system as this stuff is not the same as your Windows operating system. When I started using Linux a couple years ago, I faced many problems as I didn't know how to use this operating system at all. But as I start to use Linux, I feel that I am now becoming a more challenging person.

Just imagine that you walk on a road that is totally unfamiliar to you. Just walk like that without proper information about the place. But don't worry as you will slowly getting more familiar to the situation. Remember, when we first started to touch a PC with Windows operating system in it. At that time, I also don't know anything about computer. But, we slowly learned to use it. Same goes to this Linux operating system. Learn slowly, and you will master it in no time. Learning process is not about reading their documentations or books. The most important thing to do is by trying the Linux Distros by yourself. I am sure that you will be amazed with the Linux.

I will give you a number of popular Linux distros out there that you can try. You can determine the suitable operating system by yourself when you are using it. For Linux newbie, I suggest Linux Ubuntu as this operating system is very easy to use and user friendly. But if you like adventure, try using Linux Mandriva as this Linux is more enjoyable to use. Linux Mandriva is totally different from Windows. So if you want an original feel of Linux, try this operating system. If you like Mandriva, you must also try Fedora and OpenSUSE. Don't forget to use Debian as this operating system can be considered as among the first Linux operating system.

You can also try Linux XP and Knoppix as they are also easy to use.

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